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Private Investigations

Sometimes, due to the complexity of a project, our clients require a bespoke combination of our services. Perhaps a family member or even a debtor has disappeared without a trace. You might want to further analyse the risks of a potential business deal, meaning more than basic due diligence and background checks are required. Or maybe you are dealing with a court case and require the evidence to see justice served. Whatever you are looking for, through our global network and unique problem-solving skills, we can offer the perfect blend of investigative expertise.

At Valorous Group we are seasoned in dealing with complex investigations and intelligence operations. All projects are carried out with the utmost confidentiality, by skilled agents with proven expertise and we are committed to thoroughly exploring all leads in the intelligence gathering process.

Often, clients have not instructed operatives on a private investigation project before. In this instance we will carry out a full consultation with you prior to deployment and explain our processes step-by-step.


  • Relationships, extra marital affairs
  • Finding people
  • Asset tracking
  • Surveillance services
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Background checks for professional reasons
  • Complex investigations


  • Launching complex investigations into fraudulent investment and insurance cases.
  • Initial online OSINT intelligence gathering, presenting possible locations for subjects.
  • Dedicated surveillance teams sent to locations to identity subjects
  • Pattern of life intelligence – tracing subjects to known addresses and creating case files complete with social and business data
  • Open source investigations and online activity including providing confirmation of secondary addresses or the location subjects outside of the UK