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Protective Surveillance

Whilst hugely effective, conventional close protection can often attract attention. This might be part of the brief for some but, in many situations, clients may want to be as discreet as possible and avoid this type of scrutiny. In these circumstances, protective surveillance is often the best solution. By allowing you to carry out your daily routine safe in the knowledge that you are surrounded by an experienced team yet without the intrusive presence of overt protection, protective surveillance can maintain that all important, yet discrete, watchful eye over you. Or perhaps you wish to provide your spouse or children with an added layer of security without encroaching on their lives. This protective service can also be used to provide intelligence and a more comprehensive risk assessment. In addition, where required, a close protection package can be created in order to encompass all three.

At Valorous Group our approach to covert surveillance work is both digital and physical. Our main aim is always to provide a protective bubble without intruding on your life. That said, the nuances surrounding personal protection, particularly when dealing with ultra high-net-worth individuals or other VIP clients, are numerous and we do not believe in a one size fits all tactic. We are acutely aware that hostile individuals or groups looking to carry out a threat will first seek to gather intelligence on their target. As a first port of call, they will attempt to confirm what levels of security the target employs. This is where protective surveillance can prove invaluable because of its discreet nature. In many cases our Protective Surveillance Team (PST) is assigned to monitor those, who are in turn overtly, monitoring the client. A good example of this is the British Royal Family, who prefer to downplay the size of their security team by having a wider set of protective surveillance operatives carrying out their duties more covertly.