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Protective Surveillance

Protective surveillance is a highly specialist protection service that is deployed in the event that clients require covert monitoring and protection either for themselves or for a third party. In addition, this service is an effective method for providing a holistic blend of protection, intelligence and risk assessment through both physical and technological surveillance methods.

At Valorous, our protective surveillance offering helps individuals to go about their daily lives without the potential disruption of obtrusive protection, safe in the knowledge that they are covered by our highly trained operatives, who carry out their work from a safe distance.

Able to function alongside Close Protection (CP), or as a standalone service, protective surveillance is ideal for circumstances where standard CP might be seen as vulnerable to threat, invasive or improper. Ordinarily, these scenarios would involve High-Net-Worth Individuals, children and families or cases involving stalking activity.


  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Risk assessment
  • Counter surveillance involving strategies to pre-empt and thwart surveillance activity
  • Covert bodyguarding
  • Satellite tracking technology, covert audio and physical surveillance
  • CCTV and alarm integration
  • Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
  • Stalking and kidnapping related threats


  • Instructing low profile, counter surveillance teams in to identify, counteract and evidence the presence of hostile surveillance
  • Providing highly discreet protection for clients, family members and children. This can involve the Principal, remaining unaware of the teams presence, should this be requested.
  • Integrating CCTV and alarm systems to work in conjunction with the protective team “on the ground.”
  • Equipping the selected team with the right toolkit to monitor access control of all staff and client movements using analytics.
  • Using cutting edge camera systems, analytics and tracking technology to complement our service.
  • Automating protective and counter surveillance services, to provide a comprehensive approach to monitoring and access control for staff, often across multiple residences.
  • Engaging low profile quick response teams for alarm monitoring services.