Residential security and everything it encompasses has evolved rapidly in recent years, with a plethora of innovations and advancements across the board – even reaching the humble lock, an original security measure that has been safeguarding homes for centuries. Available locks of today incorporate a myriad of different benefits such as keyless entry, facial recognition, entry alerts, deadbolt controls and a whole lot more. Further fortifications range from grills and shutters, to reinforced or bulletproof windows.

That said, your requirements may not always require such hi-tech automation nor such high cost.

Whatever your needs, we have years of experience to our name, of working with leading lock suppliers and can provide detailed recommendations on how to get the best solution for you. Saving you the pain of seeking out and negotiating with different companies who often have a sales heavy approach.

As with any of our security system related services, we are always happy to carry out complimentary initial site reviews, followed by in person discussions, before making recommendations – ensuring that we have a sound understanding of both your property and needs.