intelligence gathering london


Surveillance is an extremely specialist operation and takes many forms. Following an individual covertly for long periods of time requires precise planning, skilled expertise, up-to-date and high quality equipment as well as the right personnel. At Valorous Group, our dedicated surveillance agents have years of military or police service experience. Meanwhile others come from accredited commercial routes such as law.

Often commissioned by corporate clients such as law firms, our results driven surveillance team has an unrivalled reputation in collating usable evidence for court cases you may be involved in. From gathering intelligence for fraud and high value theft cases, to family and matrimonial disputes involving hidden assets, proof of cohabitation and infidelity, to tracking individuals involved in workplace compensation or long-term absence related matters, our operatives have all bases covered.

Fully trained in all the latest surveillance technology, our team adopts the use of tracking devices, covert cameras, highly specialist audio recorders and transcription software, giving us a distinctive edge when providing you with evidential support to fortify your case in court and get the desired result.

Surveillance and private investigation services are not always above board and there are many operating illegally. It is vital that you do your homework before engaging with a company offering these services. Always ensure that you are working with a reputable business or individual and ask questions on insurance, data and qualifications. Whether you choose to instruct us or not we are always happy to advise on what you should look for when selecting a service like this.


  • Corporate and business
  • Infidelity and matrimonial
  • Personal injury claims
  • Criminal and civil
  • Individual and asset tracing/tracking
  • Rural surveillance COPs concealed Observation posts.
  • Employee surveillance
  • Protective surveillance


  • Conducting large surveillance operations across London operators, tracking multiple ‘targets’ ‘subjects’ documenting all movements, meetings and conversations. Specialist audio equipment not available to the open market in order to record and document conversations
  • Written reports including digitally enhanced and cleaned audio recording and stenographer written transcription of evidence gained.
  • Personal injury fraudulent claims – carried out countless SV tasks with videos evidence and reports with date time stamp and witness statements of all activity undertaken by the subject
  • Infidelity – partners followed and all interactions documented and compiled within written report, could mention catching someone out and or similarly proving someone’s innocence as a positive
  • Vehicle tracking – written report of all movements, address’ and locations with client log in available for live tracking
  • Deploying camouflage and concealed rural operators in areas thought to be inaccessible. Covertly installed cameras with live wi-fi remote access
  • Building and installing bespoke audio and visual technology