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Due Diligence

When it comes to making intelligent business decisions, being able to see the full picture is essential. Partnerships, mergers and investments can represent major opportunities, but they can also represent major risks. Our background checking services can help you better understand the businesses you are investing in as well as the individuals you are doing business with.

Changes to bribery legislation and an increasing number of high profile due diligence failures mean that it has never been so important to be aware of everything there is to know about who you are involving yourself with from a professional perspective. Meanwhile failing to do so can leave you as an individual and your business at risk of serious and irreparable harm.

Without the right checks in place your company could be liable in a court of law if it is proven that you did not carry out adequate due diligence prior to damage occurring.

Where required, we can carry out due diligence as a pre-cursor for more complex surveillance related investigations or larger scale matters – acquiring the data you need to uncover any hidden obstacles.

From reputation research to compliance checks and asset tracing to individual executive investigations, our experts will help you come to the right conclusion.


  • Address verification
  • Solvency and bad debts
  • Real estate checks
  • Background checks
  • Employment screening
  • Reputation and digital profile
  • Corporate affiliations
  • Marketing audits
  • OSINT report writing


  • Employment reporting for house staff to check and verify credentials references, characteristics and reputations
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Digital assessment including media monitoring and report creation
  • Benchmarking competitor activity
  • Art due diligence including authenticity checks on high value artwork.