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Security Drivers

Finding a driving service is not difficult in today’s over-saturated marketplace. Finding one with specialist security drivers is.

At Valorous Group, we recognise the need to effectively bridge the gap between knowledgeable drivers and close protection professionals, in order to respond to any immediate threats on an executive’s arrival or departure from a venue, as well as on the roads themselves. That is why we offer all operatives an in-depth London Familiarisation Course to provide them with advanced city driving skills.

This course is designed to enhance our security driving team’s existing skill set. As a result, they will have furthered their ability to think ahead and will be highly familiar with alternative routes and shortcuts. We only employ operatives who can quickly solve problems and can deal with any situation whether it involves an attack, loss of vehicle control or adverse weather conditions.

Consisting of former military and police force personnel, our team possess all the crucial expertise to deal with a vast range of situations that you, as an executive or public figure, might encounter. Such as media interest, protest demonstrations, planned or opportunistic ambush scenarios and overzealous members of the public. Every Valorous driver is trained in both evasive and defensive driving which is critical in the event of an active attack.

Often, our clients possess their own luxury vehicles that require particular care when it comes to maintenance and use. For peace of mind, we offer covert tracker installation, to monitor your vehicle, at all times, and our drivers will always uphold the greatest care when driving – many of whom are well accustomed to driving such vehicles for some of the world’s most high profile individuals. Should you wish us to source a vehicle for you, be it for a trip overseas, when in London or even when welcoming important guests, we are happy to utilise our network in order to meet your needs.


  • Advanced drivers for families and organisations
  • Luxury and prestigious vehicle specialism
  • London familiarisation course
  • Medically trained with medicine kit supplied


  • Security drivers who are primarily trained bodyguards, for UHNW clients, as part of the security team .
  • Providing a security driver for international royalty for a London visit
  • School drop offs and pick up for children
  • Overseas driving with high level local knowledge