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Residential Security London

Your home should be a place of safety. But rising crime rates across London and beyond, paired with being in a position of wealth can, sadly, put your residence at greater risk. With that in mind, protecting where you live, along with any valuable assets, should always form a fundamental part of your private security plan.

Our residential protection methods are specifically designed to provide a secure barrier that continuously monitors your property and prevents unwanted visitors whilst also ensuring minimal disruption for you and your family. We are seasoned at protecting a broad range of residential properties including private homes, London mansions, holiday homes, country estates, farms and many more. These properties are often owned by diplomats, CEOs, celebrities and royal families.

Depending on your needs, we can provide a single security operative or a team of any size to ensure that your property, those inhabiting it, as well as its valuable assets are secure around the clock – even when you are not there.

Residential requirements can vary drastically depending on the profile of its owner and its location. We will always carry out a full review and risk assessment of your property prior to deployment, to analyse and combat any existing potential threats. This will involve a property visit, a detailed analysis and a subsequent full client consultation.


  • Locks and Doors
  • CCTV Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Reinforced Doors and Windows
  • Panic Alarms
  • Live in Security
  • High Profile Teams
  • Low Profile Teams
  • Patrols
  • Dog Handlers


  • Providing high profile teams and securing a property with ‘existing security structure’ (CCTV and Alarms), carrying out regular patrols, monitoring cameras and reacting to intruder alarms
  • Working seamlessly with existing alarm response companies and CCTV monitoring suppliers
  • Providing a 24hr security presence in an affluent area of Central London. Set up and designed the entire operational room infrastructure including installation of CCTV and alarms, gates, locks and doors. The team have the capabilities to replicate this at any client’s house, no matter what the existing security levels are
  • Carrying out high profile patrols with experienced dog handlers, covering multiple sites. Sites are watched via a London operational facility and include proactive overt patrols
  • Carrying out low profile patrols, to avoid detection