surveillance detection london


Businesses, high net worth individuals and celebrities of today are increasingly becoming the subjects of covert espionage – whether it is for blackmail purposes, business competition or media stories. Meanwhile, technology has advanced to the point where spying devices can be disguised as almost anything, to avoid being detected.

With that in mind, bug-sweeping has become a fundamental requirement of counter-surveillance measures. In response to that requirement, we have developed a comprehensive service that can detect and discover all types of spy bugs, electronic surveillance devices, hidden cameras and GPS trackers.

From more aggressive counter-surveillance measures, for big corporations, that are likely to fall victim of bugging, to milder ad-hoc sweeping for the individual who simply wants peace of mind, Valorous Group can offer advanced and professionals bug sweeping services designed for any potential scenario. Meanwhile, we can carry out a sweep of almost any sensible area including offices, homes, hotels, meeting rooms, vehicles, jets and yachts.

Should anything suspicious be identified, we will discuss with you and provide full reports on any discoveries – enabling you to make informed decisions on how to move forward safely.


  • Corporate bug sweeps
  • Office bug sweeping
  • Home big sweeping
  • Vehicles sweeps
  • Super yachts
  • Tracker detection and removal


  • Carrying out sweeps for clients all over the world including sweeping of residential properties, offices, jets and superyachts
  • Use of linear junction detectors which will search for non-transmitting bugs
  • Thorough physical searches  with the use of government level (specialist) equipment
  • The scanning of wi-fi networks to look for any unauthorised activity
  • Advanced home sweeps using specialised spectrum analyser
  • Household sweeps room by room looking for GSM bugs and wireless network scanners with physical search of suspect areas
  • Full written reports presented upon completion outlining what equipment was used to search which frequencies
  • Simple external physical searches of client vehicles looking for “quick fit” GSM trackers after concerns vehicles may be compromised