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Counter Surveillance

Are you concerned that you are being watched? Is someone overly aware of your movements? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you will require the evidence to quickly confirm whether you are under surveillance. Intelligence underpins everything we do at Valorous Group and is a vital first line of defense for our clients. It is particularly important when it comes to dealing with the complex task of identifying a perceived presence of surveillance on a business or private individual. By exploiting the unique skillset of our multi-disciplinary team comprising elite ex-military personnel and specialist intelligence agencies, we can protect you and your company against extortion, sabotage and other hostile intelligence scenarios.

There are a number of reasons for you or your business being placed under surveillance and some of them are entirely legitimate such as a legal investigation. But in other cases you might find yourself being watched by the press or by business competitors, even criminal gang members looking to do you genuine harm.

Professional surveillance teams are often extremely difficult to identify but whatever the reason for your suspicions, we can assist with them all.

Whether a threat is unintentional such as sensitive information being inadvertently released, or something more sinister such as undercover operatives or disgruntled employees targeting you, we have a two-pronged approach to maintaining your security – technical counter surveillance and counter-intelligence assessment. The first incorporates elements such as sweeping, debugging and penetration testing whilst the latter involves managing human interaction and IT security. In this scenario we analyse your current processes and awareness before determining areas for improvement to ensure a long-term security strategy.


  • Foot follows
  • Vehicle follows
  • Cyber tracking
  • Joint security deployment
  • Vulnerability reports
  • OSINT education and auditing
  • Staff OSINT education and monitoring
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Electronic Counter Measures (Sweeping & Debugging)
  • Software Counter Measures (IT Security)
  • Human Counter Measures (Physical Surveillance Detection)


  • Deployment of covert counter surveillance teams to ascertain if clients are being tracked and if so by how
  • Small and large teams of operators, positioned in choke points to take pictures and video evidence confirming hostile surveillance
  • Deployment of small and large counter surveillance teams to integrate with existing close protection security teams and confirm hostile surveillance
  • Deploying residential security teams for high profile clients, mapping out route plans and best locations for follow tasks
  • Report preparation and distribution following tasks