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Formally known as close protection, the business of bodyguarding is a service that requires both knowledge and experience, particularly when dealing with London as an operating jurisdiction. From celebrities and sports stars, to politicians and c-suite executives, the city acts as a hub for the world’s elite who live, work and regularly travel there. Headquartered in the exclusive area of Mayfair, Valorous Group prides itself on offering an intimate understanding of London. It is this, paired with our safe and understated approach to close proximity security that allows clients optimum peace of mind without disrupting their daily lives. Whether you require a single bodyguard or a team of protective security personnel, our central location enables us to quickly assemble and deploy your selected operatives across London and beyond.

A high calibre bodyguard should possess a certain skill set in order to operate to the highest levels. These qualities might include a military background, advanced driving skills as well as a good knowledge of busy city environments, first aid and basic medical understanding and a keen interest in remaining abreast of current security threats in the jurisdictions in which they work. In addition, every close protection project is different and what might suit a London based executive may not be appropriate for Qatari royalty, making it crucial that you select a team that has the expertise and acumen to create a protection strategy that fits around your individual needs.

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At Valorous Group, we have over 20 years of experience across a plethora of working environments all over the world. Many, if not all, of our operatives have some form of military or police background and have, over time, built up strong international résumés meaning that there are few situations that we have not yet encountered.

What was once considered a relatively simple service has evolved into something far more advanced in recent years. And we have evolved with it. We can formulate an entirely bespoke plan that not only offers close protection but all of the other more complex services that complement it including security chauffeuring, surveillance, counter-intelligence and private investigation work.

Valorous carefully match every clients requirements to the profiles of our operatives, to ensure you are receiving the perfect security personnel who will assess and protect you from risk you may face. If you require a bodyguard in London please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.


Once we assign one of our professional bodyguards to look after you, you will be able to focus on living your life normally, taking social events, shopping trips and longer journeys all in your stride. Our goal is to enable you to carry out your daily activities without fear of threat or attack. Used to working with a broad range of clients, in all operational environments we operate discreetly and adeptly, instilling confidence in those that we protect.


Our bodyguards are carefully chosen and matched according to the demands of each project, ensuring that they are a perfect match for each client. We will also consult with you before finalising selection of each operative, guaranteeing that they will be selected from our pool of experienced, qualified and extremely skilled operators. With many coming from police or military backgrounds, they are always able to adapt and be fully flexible to your requirements.

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