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Specialist London Based Close Protection Company

Our teams are tasked to deliver the very highest standards of close protection in London.

By carefully matching your requirements to the profiles of our operatives, you are assured of receiving the perfect security personnel who will assess and protect you from risk in a proactive way. Whatever your reasons for requiring close protection in London, we will take all of the stress away so that you will no longer have to worry. By fine-tuning the security measures provided in order to match the risk assessments previously carried out, the service provided will be tailored to suit your every need and requirements.


Once we assign one of our London based close protection operatives to look after you, you will be able to focus on living your life normally, taking social events, shopping trips and longer journeys all in your stride. Our goal is to enable you to carry out your daily activities without fear of threat or attack. Used to working with a broad range of clients, in all operational environments we operate discreetly and adeptly, instilling confidence in those that we protect.


Our London based close protection operatives are carefully chosen and matched according to the demands of each project, ensuring that they are a perfect fit for the skills required by the assignment. We will also consult with you before finalising selection of each operative, guaranteeing that they will be selected from our pool of experienced, qualified and extremely skilled operators. With many coming from police or military backgrounds, they are always able to adapt and be fully flexible, ensuring that the protection that you receive is exactly what you want.

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  • Supplying bodyguards for families and children with an emphasis on collaborating closely with nannies and household staff
  • Providing close protection operatives and drivers for the directors of a large corporate organisation, working seamlessly with in house security managers and liaising with PA’s
  • Facilitating details involving travel – the team has worked all over the world, arranging vehicles, accommodation and trips
  • Assisting with travel plans offering an all-inclusive concierge service booking vehicles, hotels or more exclusive luxuries such as super yachts etc
  • Facilitating protective surveillance for a client’s wife and children, as they go about their daily routine
  • Providing teams that become integrated into a family or large working unit of household staff. Working with house managers, chefs, cleaners and PA’s to assure smooth facilitation of day to day work and social life
  • Providing overt security services for high-profile-clients where clients have desired a show of force, to act as a deterrent
  • Providing covert protection for celebrities involving disguising clients and maintaining a low team profile.

Close Protection Scenarios In London include:

Individual and Family

Corporate Group


Discrete Domestic

Event Management