Recruitment & Training

We provide custom-designed training across the full spectrum of security services for both clients and their teams

Our clients are incredibly important to us. But we would be nothing without our people. When it comes to recruitment, at Valorous Group, we are dedicated to doing things differently. Constantly striving to create meaningful partnerships, right from the start we committed ourselves to establishing and growing our network by only selecting a particular breed of operative to work with.

Valorous Consultants are forward-thinking, modern day protection professionals. Able to quickly assess and understand their environment as well as the client they are assigned to, they are perfectly placed to conduct themselves and react to any given situation in the most appropriate way. From their attitude and attire to their personalities and profiles, they are – put simply – operatives of the highest calibre.

Which is why we remunerate them as such.

In an industry that has been slow to evolve in terms of justly rewarding its operatives, Valorous strives to exceed marketplace expectation with regards to remuneration, in turn achieving a more mutually beneficial relationship between client and personnel.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Valorous Consultant, get in touch at


Valorous Group continuously seek out and recruit the most skilled & talented operatives in the industry to ensure we continue to provide our clients with the highest level of protection and service possible.

We take a unique and proactive approach to Recruitment, employing the services of an experienced Recruitment Consultant who understands our criteria and utilises the best methods to attract and retain the top talent in the industry.

All of Valorous Groups operatives are from a Military, Policing and Government background or are Security Personnel with years of proven and exemplary referenced experience in their chosen industry sector. Each of them has undergone and passed vigorous training, vetting and Continuous Professional Development in order to join and remain part of the Valorous Group team.

Any prospective operatives who believe their skillset will meet our stringent requirements are advised to email their CV, References and full contact details to 


Valorous Group prides itself on developing and delivering bespoke and tailored industry-leading training to all of our operatives throughout their service with us.

Our training courses include but are not limited to the following;


For all operators carrying out protection work, ensuring our operatives utilise the most current London-based industry knowledge and techniques. A competency-based test ensures each person has met the required level before being assigned to any protection or other roles for our clients.


Valorous Group understands each client has a very specific set of requirements and needs. Our experts will meet with you to discuss and analyse these needs and from this, a training package will be produced and delivered to the security team selected to protect you. These sessions can range from classroom-based to full practical scenario training, to ensure that our operatives are fully prepared and remain one step ahead of any specific threats or dangers that may be encountered.

This is just a snap-shot of the Training we provide, and we’d be pleased to discuss your own individual requirements in further detail and answer any questions you may have.