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The Ecclestone Robbery – Tips on Security System Design

Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of billionaire Formula One owner Bernie, recently saw her multi-million-pound mansion become the target of a £50m burglary. Although there has been some debate as to whether inside involvement was to blame, there are a series of learning points that all homeowners, particularly those with high-value assets should be aware of when it comes to protecting their property.


 Ecclestone’s property is located in one of London’s wealthiest streets, known as billionaires’ row, which is well known to comprise homes with above top of the range security on the entry and exit gates.

How did it happen?

It is said that the thieves accessed the property through the garden, where they reportedly emptied the hidden safes of all jewellery and other items, in an event that was said to have lasted for over 50 mins before being interrupted by the onsite security which led them to flee the scene.

Why was Ecclestone’s home targeted?

  • The area is a prime target, any property in London within the known wealthy boroughs will hold valuables of some description.
  • Higher profile targets are known to inhabit the area meaning their net worth is often in the public eye.
  • The burglary took place around Christmas time which perpetually sees crime rates soar, as many people including the UHNW tend to travel, leaving properties left empty.

Precautionary measures

 Regardless of whether thieves had access to inside information, there are a number of measures homeowners can take to avoid a similar situation:

It is critical to first assess the current security levels your property has in place. With rapidly changing technology, it is essential to keep up to date with and implement the latest high specification systems and best practices, in order to provide the first line of defence.

  • Modern specification analytics on outside cameras with the capability to prevent access to the property. When working optimally, they function at night using infrared light, making it next to impossible to enter without detection.
  • Alarm systems be implemented – these systems can be layered in line with any other security or clients measures and you can still alarm the house with individual rooms isolated, to allow movement.
  • An alarm system trigger would include a silent alarm with a call directly to the police or a priority number – following an onsite security or team leader trigger, alerting an unusual activity or physical break in.
  • Build layers of security – external cameras monitor anyone approaching – inner alarm systems alert the likes of windows or doors opening
  • Reinforced doors and windows provide additional security to mitigate or at least slow down unwanted access
  • Onsite security to subsequently react when alerted, allowing the technology to be the initial eyes and ears


It is critical to remember that technology should never replace the operator nor vice versa. The best residential security provision would see both elements working in unison to provide the best level of protection.

While the above guidance provides some basic tips on residential security, should you require further advice or a recommendation on some of the latest technology we advocate, get in contact with our dedicated team.

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